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Ten Things Every New TAB Teacher needs to do (or not do) Part 1

March 31, 2018


Excuse us for the late nature of this podcast. There were several things that prevented us from getting together to have our biweekly discussion. There was the Spring Fine Arts Festival that was another smash hit. Then we had Spring Break. Who wants to work over Spring Break. and finally, my incessant bout of bronchitis. You will notice that my voice is rather soft during this podcast. I apologize in advance.  Plus, I have been experimenting in the fashion of TAB with the equipment for this podcast. I saved enough pennies to purchase a mixer and two mics. This should allow me greater flexibility to host guests in the future but in the meantime. Please be patient while I am still learning. Thank you.

In this podcast, Clyde and I discuss a few difficulties new TAB teachers face and probably should do or not do. 

  • a quiet classroom
  • stress over materials
  • stress over mess

Also mentioned in this podcast is FlipGrid. Check it out!