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DEI+J (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice) in the TAB Studio with Julie Toole

April 20, 2020

Today Clyde and I welcome a very special guest: Julie Toole. During our conversation, we look at what is white privilege and how we can practice DEI+J in the TAB studio,  


Julie has been a teacher for 30 years, 20+ in Chicago Public schools and is currently teaching art at a private progressive school, pre-k-8th grade. She has been a TAB teacher and TAB mentor for the last 10 years and co-lead at the elementary level group at the TAB Summer Institute at MassArt and part of the Executive Board for TAB, INC. As a transracially adoptive mother of two children of color, She has been on a personal journey on understanding her whiteness and privilege in order to be actively anti-racist in her work and life. This has led her to participate in SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) cohorts and then to do the training to become a SEED facilitator at her school. She has co-led groups for parents and for staff. She is also part of the EQaT (equate) team at her school (Equity in Action), the parent EqAT group, and teaches an elective course for her middle schoolers called Artist as Activist. Five years ago she started a GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) club at her school and together they do school-wide events such as Day of Silence and Ally Week. 

Show Notes:

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