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The Unmotivated Student

January 27, 2018

In this episode Clyde and I return from a long break where I was sick with the Flu and Pnumonia. We discuss the unmotivated student and how we deal with them in class. Who are they? What can we do to help them? 

  • Build relationships through talking with students
  • Give students choice
  • Give students space and time 
  • Look outside the typical art room materials 






TAB Midwest Teacher Networking Workshop
Who: Any Midwest Art Teacher, K-12
What: Teaching for Artistic Behaviors (TAB) and
Choice Based Art
*Sharing experiences, lessons, classroom setups, etc.
Where: Northridge High School
56779 Northridge Dr.
Middlebury, IN 46540
When: Saturday, March 3rd, 2018
*Dinner option afterwards

Thank you for spending your time listening to this podcast. We appreciate it immensley.

*Special Episode note: I apologize for the sound quality of this episode. We had some technical difficulty during our discussion, so I had to record this on my iPad.